July 2016 Newsletter.

July 2016  Newsletter

Dear Members,
Our next meeting will be on the 21 July  at 2 PM in the Studio, Common Lane, Blandford, DT11  7TE.  Our Speaker will be Mr Tony Horrocks who will be talking about the “Hallmarking” of precious objects.

I mentioned in paragraph 2 of my June Newsletter ,  that we are having to consider the closing down of Blandford Heart Forum due to falling membership and no one coming into the Group from the Rehab Courses over the past 4/5 years.  There was in fact very little response to my June Newsletter which would indicate that there is not a great deal of interest in continuing into the autumn.  One member has voiced an opinion that we should possibly still hold the AGM in September ,  but there is the question of our usual Speaker , Doctor Simon Winterton coming up from Dorchester only to discover we are about to close the BHF ?  We should finally decide this question at our next (and maybe final) meeting on the 21 July. ?

Grateful thanks are due to all those who have, over past years , kept the Group going and loyally provided their time, support and friendship.  Do try to come along to our meeting on the 21 st July when we can personally thank them and say our farewells.

All Good Wishes

Ray Suter

Tel; 01258 860 787 or e/mail;

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